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Christmas story I

Os alunos aderiram à proposta dos professores de Inglês e escreveram histórias de Natal.

Agora propomos-te o desafio de as ler!

A Christmas Miracle

Once upon a time a poor girl, named Camilla, was writing a letter to Santa Claus asking for a few toys for Christmas, as a reward for her good behaviour during that year. She asked for a doll, a stuffed animal and some clothes given, that she couldn’t afford her own. She was very excited because she believed Santa could make her dreams come true, but there was a problem. The next day, when she was going to confirm that the letter had been taken by Santa, she noticed it was still there. She got so sad that she started crying. But, suddenly, she saw something near the letter. She got closer and saw it was a yellow leaflet. When she was going to throw it into the trash she realized it had something to do with Santa. As soon as she started reading it, she panicked. She couldn’t believe it! The leaflet said “Santa Claus is sick, so there are no Christmas presents this year”.

“What am I going to do?” she wondered. “What about the other children? They’re all going to be heartbroken!” yelled Camilla, worried about the rest of the world.

That night she heard a noise and she got up to see what was happening. When she realized what it was she couldn’t even breathe. It was an elf! An elf climbing to her neighbour’s chimney, probably to give him the same leaflet he had given her a night ago. She took a deep breath and called the elf. He started running away but she caught him just when he was about to reach his sleigh.

“Please don’t hurt me! I’m very fragile!” the little elf screamed, scared.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to know what happened to Santa. How is he?”
“He has the flu and he’s always with a terrible headache. I think he’ll get better soon but he won’t be able to deliver the presents as he has done all these years...” the elf said, very worried.

“I think I have an idea! The elfs and I could deliver the presents around the world, so Christmas didn’t need to be cancelled!” Camilla said, trying to keep her hopes up.

“Well... that’s actually a good idea...! But I don’t think Santa will agree. He likes to be in charge of everything, so he definitely won’t let us ride his sleigh around the world without him.”

“He doesn’t need to know...” Camilla said, looking shifty.

“Fine, you convinced me! Now I’m taking you to Santa’s factory, where the other elfs and I make the toys kids ask for.”

The factory was a very colourful place, full of toys and red wrapping paper.

“This is all very beautiful and magical, but where are the elfs?” the young girl asked, looking confused.

“They’re gone...”

“What?! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! How are we going to deliver all these toys without any helpers?” Camilla asked, more worried than ever.

“I don’t know. They must be taking care of Santa. I’ll call some of them to help us. Start wrapping some presents!” ordered the elf, finally gaining some hope.

An hour later the elf came back, but alone.

“Where are the others?”

“They’re not coming...”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean that we have to do this all by ourselves. You have only wrapped eleven toys? What’s wrong with you?” the elf asked, a bit angry.

“Well I’m sorry if I’m not good at this, but you’re the responsible! How could you come back without the others? Don’t you see this is an emergency?!”

And they argued for a long time...

“Did I fall asleep?” Camilla wondered, still a bit confused because of the fight she had had with the elf.

“Good morning! Did you sleep well?” the elf asked, in a very good mood.

“Elf! Is it morning already?!”

“Yes, and I have something to show you. Come here.”

The presents were all wrapped and ready to be distributed and there was a list with all the kids’ addresses. Everything was set and done for Christmas Eve.

“Oh my God! Did you do this?” Camilla asked, really surprised.

“Actually, I didn’t. When I woke up everything was already like this.”

“So... if it wasn’t you... it was a Christmas miracle!” the girl exclaimed, relieved and happy at the same time.

That same night Camilla and the elf travelled together all around the world and gave out all the presents. That was the best Christmas Eve ever.

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